Privacy Policy

The purpose of this statement is to explain our policy regarding any personal information we may obtain through membership applications or scholarship applications that are available on this blogsite.   Personal information is not gathered from blogsite visitors, unless at their specific request.

All information that is gather through membership applications and/or scholarship applications is used solely for internal purposes only, e.g. to notify individuals about Travis Society activities, to send newsletters or email bulletins, to maintain membership rolls, to evaluate eligibility and status of scholarship applicants, and to notify scholarship applicants of the status of their application.

None of the personal information obtained through this blogsite, membership applications, scholarship applications or any other source, is shared with anyone, including other Travis Society members, without the expressed permission of the party or individual involved.  Personal information obtained through scholarship applications is destroyed once it has served its purpose in the selection of scholarship winners.  We do not honor requests from any source for mailing lists, email addresses, or other personal data.

Anyone may opt out of receiving email communications from the Walter J. Travis Society.  Such requests are faithfully honored.

For more information about your privacy rights, please refer to the Privacy Act that is found on the U.S. Department of Justice website.

Any questions or concerns about your privacy should be directed to The Walter J. Travis Society at: Walter J. Travis Society, 49 S. Main St., P.O. Box 386, Elba, NY  14058, or