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The Walter J. Travis Memorial Scholarships and The Walter J. Travis-Rudy Zocchi Memorial Scholarship     


The Walter J. Travis Memorial Scholarship is an annual award given since 2009 to honor the remarkable accomplishments and contributions of Walter J. Travis in the game of golf. In his pioneering career, Travis was a champion amateur golfer, esteemed golf course architect, innovative turf grass expert, and prolific golf journalist. He was founder and editor of one of the most influential golf magazines of his time, The American Golfer. We encourage applicants to explore this site to learn more about Walter J. Travis, in whose honor this scholarship program was established.


The Travis Society scholarship program exist solely through the generosity of our donors.  Whether you are a Travis Society member, or an individual who appreciates the contributions to golf by the great, early pioneers of the game, such as Walter J. Travis, we invite you to support the scholarship program through a tax deductible contribution.  Your donation will be used exclusively for the scholarship awards.  All donations will be grately acknowledged, and donors contributing $250 and above, will receive appropriate tax deduction statements.  You may send your donation through Paypal, or check, made out to The Walter J. Travis Society Scholarship Program and mailed to:

The Walter J. Travis Society

49 S. Main St

P.O. Box 386  Elba, NY  14058

Or, click on the paypal link to make a tax deductible donation:


To Make Tax-Deductible Donation to Travis Society Scholarship Fund


One of our scholarships will be awarded in honor of Rudy Zocchi, a long-time Travis Society member who devoted much of the last years of his life to researching Walter J. Travis.  We are forever grateful to Rudy for the countless significant contributions he made to our knowledge of Walter J. Travis.  Our large collection of Travis literature and memorabilia is largely the result of Rudy’s dedicated and diligent efforts.

The Travis Society’s Scholarships are awarded to students pursuing a career in one of the following professions: landscape design/golf course architecture; golf course turf grass management/golf course superintendent; professional golf management, club professional, or sports journalism with a special interest in golf.

In addition, in our wish to promote amateur golf, we will give serious consideration to outstanding amateur high school/college/university golfers for our scholarship awards, based on their competitive record as an amateur golfer, and criteria listed below (with exception of career goals).  Amateur golfer applicants do not need to be pursuing a career in a golf related industry.

2020 applicants for The Walter J. Travis Memorial Scholarship must present evidence of being enrolled/matriculated as a full-time undergraduate or graduate student at an accredited two- or four-year college/university, for the Fall of 2020.

The following criteria will be used in the evaluation of all scholarship applications:

  • Overall quality of application materials, including thoroughness and clarity of information provided, current references/recommendations, and an essay that reflects a good understanding and appreciation of the instructions.
  • Academic record
  • Involvement in golf-related interests and activities.
  • Career goals (Not applicable for students who are applying in the category of “amateur golfer”) that are consistent with the goals of this scholarship program.
  • Extracurricular activities, including volunteer work with student/community organizations; participation in sports and community affairs; jobs held; special interests, and hobbies.  We are impressed with those students who have demonstrated a desire to “give back to their community” through volunteer activities.
  • For those in the amateur golfer category, successful participation in competition.

Scholarship applications are independently reviewed by panelists who rate each applicant on the above criteria using an evaluation rating system designed to objectify the evaluations as much as possible.  The panelists submit their top 6 applicants to the Scholarship Chairman who identifies the winners, based on their overall ranking.

Award: $1,000

Number of Awards: Five awards.

Awards renewal: Awards are renewable subject to re-application, including a letter of recommendation from at least one of the student’s professors, and evidence of maintaining a 3.00 GPA, or higher. Past winners will be reviewed by the Scholarship Screening Panel using the same criteria applied to all other applicants.

Awards use: This scholarship may be used for any legitimate educational expense.

Application procedures: Candidates must complete the following form:

 2020 Scholarship Application Form


Please do not hesitate to contact Kyle Watson, Scholarship Chairman, if you have any questions about our scholarship program.  Kyle may be reached as follows:

  • Email:
  • Phone:  1-732-673-2558
  • Mail:
    The WJT Memorial Scholarship
    23000 Sussex Hwy                                                                                                                      PMB 265                                                                                                                                              Seaford, DE 19973

6 Responses to College Scholarship

  1. Douglas Stewart says:

    I have the madilion of his for the 1904 First place amateur championship

  2. Ed says:

    Douglas, I assume you are referring to his 1904 British Amateur Championship. If you have the original medal, that would be priceless. We have several replicas in our collection, provided us by the Historian at Garden City Golf Club. Could you scan an image of it and send it to our email:

  3. Lynn Collins says:

    Who were the recipients of the 2015 scholarship awards?

  4. Kennethfex says:

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  5. Hello, can you please tell me which of these scholarships through the Walter J Travis Memorial Scholarship are available for high school students? Also, is this all high school students or high school seniors only? Thank you!

  6. edhomsey1930 says:

    Tina, Each of our scholarships are available for graduating high school students who are planning to enter college after graduation. Thus, current scholarships are for students who will be entering college this Fall, and for students who are at any stage of their college career. If you have any other questions, please contact our Scholarship Chairman:
    All the best–Ed Homsey, Historian

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