Who are we?

Our Mission and Objectives

The Walter J. Travis Society, Inc. is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization that was formed in 1994 to promote an awareness and appreciation of the achievements and contributions of Walter J. Travis, and to foster the continuation of his legacy in golf.  To accomplish this mission, the Travis Society strives towards fulfillment of the following objectives:

  • Establish a library of documents authored by Travis, or written about him; including memorabilia associated with his life and career.
  • Create an accurate and comprehensive record of Travis’s accomplishments and contributions.
  • Create the Walter J. Travis Memorial scholarship program for aspiring golf course architects, golf course superintendents, professional golf managers, golf journalists, and outstanding amateur golfers.
  • Encourage competition among clubs with Travis courses, to develop a sense of camaraderie and kinship associated with the common characteristics, history, and traditions associated with Travis courses..
  • Solicit both individual and club memberships in the Society.
  • Promote an awareness of the Society’s mission and activities through local and national media.

2 thoughts on “Who are we?

  1. My name is Dave Pedersen and i joined the society a few years ago but have not received ang info. since. I was hoping i was still considered a member. Could ya help me on this matter? Thanks Dave Pedersen

  2. David–

    Sorry to be so late in responding to your question. I cannot find a record of your membership, including our email contacts. I am very sorry if there has been a mixup. Do you recall receiving a new member packet, with bag tag, etc.? Please contact us via email so that we can take care of this. TravisSociety@gmail.com

    Ed Homsey, Webmaster

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