Scholarship Winners

2020 Walter J. Travis Memorial-Rudy Zocchi Memorial Scholarship Winners

The Walter J. Travis Society is very proud to announce the winners of the 2020 Walter J. Travis Memorial Scholarships. We congratulate each of these scholars for their outstanding achievements in the classroom, on the golf course, and in their community.  The emerged from an impressive field of 16 applicants in the Amateur Golfer Category.  The winners:

Caroline Ellington—Winner of the Walter J. Travis-Rudy Zocchi Memorial Scholarship is from Raleigh, NC.  She has proven herself to be an outstanding student beginning with graduation as the Salutatorian of her New Bern High School graduation class, followed by earning a B.S. Magna Cum Laude from NC State University, and a straight A performance leading to a Masters degree from NC State.  Caroline has accrued an incredibly impressive resume of involvement in school affairs, service to her community, and professional experience.  She was a four-year member of the NC State women’s golf team, and has competed in numerous noted tournaments, e.g. Women’s North and South Amateur Championship.  She has earned the highest praise for her remarkable personal qualities, and professional accomplishments.  She is pursuing an MBA and is a Executive MBA Candidate, Year 1 at NC State.

Lily Sweet King, of Tallahassee, FL is a repeat winner of The Walter J. Travis Memorial Scholarship.  Currently, she is a Junior in the School of Journalism and Hospitality Management, at the University of Mississippi, and she has continued to maintain her high level of academic performance and remarkable leadership in school and community affairs.  As a high schooler, she created a program, called The Longest Table, that brought 110 high schoolers together to share ideas about issues such as inclusion and diversity.  She took this program to the U. of Miss, with the inaugural program attracting 400 people to “nurture inclusion and celebrate diversity”.   The university President praised her “compassion, warmth, and caring” qualities.  As one of her references said, “Lily Sweet has left a significant and lasting legacy on our campus”.  She has admitted that her golf game is not at the college level, but her love for the game drives her to pursue a career in the sport.

Matthew Geneway, of Darien Center, NY, is also a repeat winner of The Walter J. Travis Memorial Scholarship.  Matt is a Senior at Canisius College, in Buffalo, NY, and has earned Metro-Atlantic-Athletic Conference All-Academic Honors as a member of the Canisius College golf team.  In 2017, he earned the Genesee Region Golf Player of the Year, and since that time, he has placed well in regional golf tournaments, e.g. in 2020, he tied for 12th in the highly competitive Rochester District Golf Association’s championship tourney.  In addition to golf, Matt is very active in campus activities and organizations, e.g. he is the Treasurer for the college Student-Athlete Advisory Committee, and Students for Life Media Coordinator.  Matt is also a musician with the Canisius College Pep Band and drummer for the Vintage Band.  One of his professors describes him as the “quintessential well-rounded student”.

Annika Kuleba, of Albemarle, NC, is another repeat Travis Society scholarship winner.  Annika is a Junior at Sweet Briar College, in Sweet Briar, VA.  Her consistently high academic achievement has earned her the Presidency of the Alpha Lambda Delta National Honor Society. Beyond academics, Annika has a very impressive record of involvement in campus activities and organizations such as the Sweet Scouts planning team, the Alaska Outdoor Science rep, and the Sweet Briar Advisory Athlete Committee.  She has been a farm hand, a head student beekeeper, the varsity golf team captain, and a Sweet Briar College orientation leader.  Her honors fill half a page and cover a variety of interests.  Her essay was impressive in its breadth of knowledge about Mr. Travis, and her astute observations about the relationships between her interests, skills, accomplishments, and interests, and those of Mr. Travis.

Joey Sorgi III, of Sterling Heights, MI, is a Freshman at the Michigan State University.  During his high school career, Joey played varsity golf for three years, and served as golf team Captain for 2 years.  He was on the conference All-Academic team for three years, and compiled an impressive record in tournaments.  His active involvement in golf included three years as an employ of the Red Run Golf Club where he earned honors as a caddy with over 120 loops.  As a student, Joey excelled in Advanced Placement courses within his high school’s Business and Marketing Program.  He was an active member of the National Honor Society, with an impeccable academic record. Joey is credited with being a great advocate and asset for his community with his involvement in community service projects.  In addition to golf, Joey played football and basketball during his high school years.  Beyond his very strong academic accomplishments, his references stressed his strong personal qualities, including his relationships with adults and peers alike.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    When will 2016 winners be announced?

  2. Deb Gardner says:

    How and when can I apply for this scholarship

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