Current officers

Officers of The Walter J. Travis Society are elected annually at the organization’s Annual Meeting held each Fall.


Ralph G. Garnish, President                                                                            Stafford Country Club

Steve Kubiak, Vice-President                                                                                     Pennhills Club

Tom Snodgrass, Secretary                                                                   Lookout Point Country Club

Crosby S. “Skip” Lamont, Treasurer                                                                  Stafford CountryClub

Edward B. Homsey, Archivist/Historian                                                     Stafford Country Club

A. Dale Schaefer, Past-President                                                          Orchard Park Country Club


The Executive Committee is comprised of the elected Officers and Executives-at-large whom are appointed by the Executive Committee.  The Executive Committee has supervision, control, and provides direction regarding affairs of the Society, including its purposes, finances, and rules and regulations necessary for the conduct of the Society’s business.

Per the Travis Society by-laws, the Executive Committee must meet twice per year. including the Annual Meeting.  Additional meetings may be called by the President or Secretary, or upon the written request of  a majoraity of the Executives.  A quorum shall consist of 3 of the 6 officers, and any Executives-at-large in attendance.  Without a quorum, the meeting will be adjourned.

More details regarding the Executive Committee may be obtained from the Travis Society President or Secretary.

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