A complete bibliography of articles written by Walter J. Travis is being developed, and will be made available on this site when completed.  In the meantime, we have provided links to a few articles which we believe provide insight into his views on key topics such as golf course design, and playing the game.  Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are seeking Travis writings on other, or more specific topics than listed below.  The Travis Society has a very large, if not complete, collection of Travis literature.


1901 – Impressions of British Golf – from the USGA Bulletin, Golf

1902 – “Hazards” – from USGA Bulletin, Golf

1906-“Merits and Demerits of the Garden City Links”  – from Country Life in America

1908 New Ideas on Golf Course Architecture – from Country Life in America  – from The American Golfer

1909 “Garden City’s New Hazards” – from The American Golfer

1920 – “Twenty Years of Golf: The Advent of a New Era in Golf Course Construction” – from The American Golfer


Travis became renown as a great putter through his careful study and determined practice of the art.  He wrote about putting on several occasions, but the article presented below is considered his signature piece on the subject.

1916-“The Refinements of Putting”– from The American Golfer


1910 -The American Golfer How I Won the British Amateur ChampionshipFrom The American Golfer, March 1910

5 Responses to Articles

  1. Bob Crosby says:

    The link to the 1908 Country Life article appears not to work. I would love to read that article. Could you fix the connection? Thanks.

    • Ed says:

      Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I am working on it as we speak. Expect to have that article available in a few moments.

  2. Ed says:

    The 1908 article on “New Ideas” should be available. Please let us know if there is still a problem. Thanks again for letting us know. Enjoy!!

  3. Frank Beck says:

    Did Walter Travis Design Youngstown Country Club/Yougstown Ohio in 1911?

  4. edhomsey1930 says:

    We do not have information that confirms Travis’s involvement, though we know that Travis visited Youngstown during that period of time. Our records indicate that H.H. Barker designed the course. Barker and Travis were good friends, dating back to when Barker was the golf pro at Garden Citty Golf Club. In his 1920 autobiography, Travis said this about Barker, “The changes at Garden City were made when H.H. Barker was the resident professional and many a talk I had with him regarding golf course architecture, which led to his undertaking at my suggestion the laying out of a number of courses”. So, it is likely that there was some Travis influence when Barker designed the Youngstown CC course.

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