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The Walter J. Travis Society welcomes all who are interested in the rich history of golf and the great pioneers of the game who are an integral part of that history.  Walter J. Travis is, arguably, one of the greatest pioneers of golf the America.   His contributions  continue to affect our appreciation and enjoyment of the game.  The Travis Society is dedicated to honoring and celebrating Walter Travis for his remarkable contributions and accomplishments by gaining and promoting increased knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of his life.  Our financial and research assistance in the publication of the Travis biography, “The Old Man”, by Bob Labbance represents a small part of our efforts to accomplish the basic mission of the organization.  Another important facet of our efforts is The Walter J. Travis Memorial Scholarships, a program to support students pursuing careers in various areas of the golf industry. This program relies upon the generous financial support of Travis Society members, and others who appreciate efforts to highlight one of the great pioneers in the game of golf.


Individuals who are interested in supporting the mission of The Walter J. Travis Society, Inc., are invited to become members by completion of an application and payment of $75 ($100 Cdn) annual dues.

Individual Members will receive a Travis Society bag tag and copies of interesting and significant articles written by, or about Travis.  The Travis Society News is published periodically and emailed to Individual Members while periodic email bulletins keep members informed of new discoveries and Travis Society activities.  Plans are underway to acquire Travis Society merchandise, e.g. logoed balls, ball markers, divot repair tools, shirts, etc., that would be available to Travis Society members.

In addition, for the first 30 members under the age of 30, the fee will be $30. Don’t sleep on this one!

Travis Society annual dues and other purchases


Club Memberships are available to each golf and country club that is included in the Travis Golf Course Directory.  This directory includes all golf courses where Travis was responsible for the original design, redesign, remodeling, or addition of golf holes, as well as courses where Travis served as consultant for improvements to the course.

The initial fee for a Club Membership is $400.  This fee includes the entrance fee and $100 annual dues.  Upon becoming a Travis Society Member Club, the club will receive a Travis Society plaque that consists of a picture of Walter Travis and a brief Travis bio that includes the nature of his involvement with the Member Club.  In addition, the club will be provided a Travis Society banner.

The Travis Society welcomes Club Memberships in the spirit of recognizing and celebrating the significant role that Walter J. Travis played in the creation of golf courses that continue to provide unique challenges and enjoyment.  Club Memberships have contributed greatly to the Travis Society’s mission to highlight Travis’s remarkable contributions, and provide an important revenue stream for our scholarship program.

Below is the link to the club membership application form.  We look forward to hearing from you.

2021 Club Membership Application Form

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  1. Charles, You should send the dues to Treasurer Skip Lamont, 49 Main Street, P. O. Box 386, Elba, NY 14058. Your interest in becoming a Travis Society member, and supporting our efforts to spread the word about Walter J. Travis is greatly appreciated.


  2. My golf club…Royal Cinque Ports GC inDeal, Kent, England has,in recent years, created a winter eclectic comp…running over approx 6 months. This is called The Schenectady Putter.
    I was fortunate to win the comp in the first 2 years 2018/19 and 2019/20
    Regards, Tim Oldfield

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