Travis course drawings

This page presents examples of golf course plans created by Walter J. Travis during the latter stage of his career as a golf course architect, i.e. 1919 to 1926.  Also included are earlier golf course plans that may, or may not have been drawn by Travis.  These earlier drawings were found in newspaper articles announcing proposed golf courses and the involvement of Walter Travis as designer, e.g. Sargowana Golf Club.

The 1913 Country Club of Buffalo map was copied from a 1913 CCB document.  It was not drawn by Travis, but represents the course as it was played in the 1912 U.S. Open.  Prior to that Open, Travis is credited with suggestions that led to the improvement of the course.

Click on images to enlarge.

2 Responses to Travis course drawings

  1. peter scott says:

    do you have any other pictures 0r diagrams of lookout point?

  2. edhomsey1930 says:

    Peter–I am sorry to say that the LPCC Travis course map is our only record of Travis’ work at LPCC. I’ll check to see if there are other pictures.

    Ed Homsey

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