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We are always eager to respond to any requests for information about Walter J. Travis.  And, we invite you to share any/all information about Travis and/or his courses, that you may have, or recently discovered.  In addition general information, we have a vast collection of Travis images and Travis literature available for a nominal cost, including a few new copies of The Old Man, the authoritative and interesting story of Walter J. Travis, by the late Bob Labbance.  For Travis Society members, signed copies are $50 plus $4.00 shipping.  For non-members, a signed copy is $75 plus $4.00 shipping.  Please fill out the order form using this link. Payment can be made using your Paypal account below entering “BOOK ORDER” in the Notes field or by mailing a check to:


The Walter J. Travis Society
49 S. Main St., P.O Box 386
Elba, NY  14058


President, Ralph Garnish:

Treasurer, Crosby “Skip” Lamont:  585-757-3006 or

For any questions pertaining to Individual or Club Membership, please contact either the President, Ralph Garnish, or Treasurer, Skip Lamont

We are always available to provide/receive information, answer questions, etc, regarding Walter J. Travis.  Should you have any questions pertaining to Travis, his courses, etc.,  please contact our Historian, Ed Homsey, phone:  585-663-6120, or email:

We look forward to hearing from you.

1 Response to Contact Us

  1. William F. Bogle, Jr. says:

    CCof Troy in the invitational. Making a 10 foot putt on #3 with my back to the hole (up, over and down). Hitting driver on #11 (par 3) from back tee to 10 feet and holing it for all of the skins, but best was a round without hitting a driver or fairway woo (1 iron off all long holes) to shoot even par. A great members course and routing up, over and around. Classic set of Travis greens with some great pin locations. S treasure. Love it, Equanok and Westchester CC.

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