Past results

2019 TRAVIS CUP–August 9, 2019:

Host Club:  Orchard Park Country Club, Orchard Park, NY

Champion:  Stafford Country Club (20.25 pts).  Runners-up:  Orchard Park CC (19.75 pts), of Orchard Park, NY, and Lookout Point CC (12.5 pts), of Fonthill, Ont.


2018 TRAVIS CUP–July 10, 2018:

Host Club:  Stafford Country Club, Stafford, NY

Champion:  Stafford Country Club.  Runners=-up:  Lookout Point CC and Orchard Park CC.

2017 TRAVIS CUP–August 9, 2017:

Host Club:  Lookout Point Country Club, Fonthill, ON, Canada

Champion:  Lookout Point CC; 2nd place:  Orchard Park CC; 3rd: Stafford Country Club; 4th Cherry Hill Club.


2016 TRAVIS CUP–August 12, 2016

Host Club:  Orchard Park Country Club, Orchard Park, NY

Champion:  Orchard Park CC–25.5 pts; 2nd place:  Stafford CC–16 pts; 3rd place:  Lookout Point CC–13 pts; and 4th place: Cherry Hill Club–11.5 pts.

2015 TRAVIS CUP–August 7, 2015

Host Club:  Lookout Point Country Club, Fonthill, Ont.

Champion:  Lookout Point CC

2014 TRAVIS CUP –August 9

Location:  Cherry Hill Club                           Champion:  Cherry Hill Club-21.5 pts; Stafford CC–18 pts; Orchard Park CC–16 pts; Lookout Point Country Club–10.5 pts.

2013 TRAVIS CUP — August 16, 2013

Location:  Stafford Country Club                                Champion:  Lookout Point CC–65.5 pts; Stafford CC–57.5 pts; Orchard Park CC–52.5 pts; Cherry Hill Club–22.5 pts.


2012 TRAVIS CUP                                                                       Location:  Orchard Park Country Club, Orchard Park, NY
Champion:  Orchard Park CC–79 pts; Lookout Point CC–43 pts; Stafford CC–38.5 pts; Cherry Hill Club–37.5 pts.


2011 TRAVIS CUP                                                   Location:  Lookout Point CC, Fonthill, OntarioChampion:  Lookout Point CC

Location: Cherry Hill Club, Ridgeway, Ontario
Champion: Lookout Point CC

Location: Stafford Country Club, Stafford, NY
Champion: Stafford CC

The 15th anniversary Travis Cup was won by the Stafford CC team by a very narrow margin over the second-place team from Orchard Park CC.  Stafford’s team earned 23 points, Orchard Park CC had 22 points, and Lookout Point CC won 21 points.  Pennhills Club was fourth, followed by Cherry Hill Club.

Cherry Hill Club will host the 16th annual Walter J. Travis Cup in 2010.

Location: Orchard Park Country Club, Orchard Park, NY
Champion: Stafford Country Club

A report from the Orchard Park CC Travis Cup Team Captain, Dale Schaefer:

O.P.C.C. Takes Second at the Travis Cup Competition!

The following members represented Orchard Park C.C. at the Travis Cup Competition that was played on Friday, 8/15/08:

Jack Pohlman, Men’s Champion; Kirk Barton, Men’s Runner-up; Jim Dills, Men’s Senior; Phil Marshall, Men’s Super Senior; Donna Parker, Women’s Champion; Pat Wasp, Women’s Senior/Super Senior; Leonard Twarozek, Men’s A Flight; John Bray, Men’s B Flight; Dale Schaefer, Men’s C Flight; Flint Besecker, Men’s D Flight; Se Roesgen, Women’s A Flight; Marge Starosielec, Women’s B Flight; Laura Broderdorf, Women’s C Flight; Sheila Drometer, Women’s D Flight, Max Parker, Junior Champion; Randy Shaw, Golf Professional; Dale Schaefer, Team Captain

Team results for the 2008 Travis Cup are as follows:

1. Stafford C.C.  21.5 points

2. OPCC             20.0 points

3. Penn Hills       19.0 points

4. Cherry Hill      13.5 points

5. Lookout Point  11.0 points

Considering all the rain we had that week, Bob Kelly and his staff had the course in top playing condition. The greens were cut and rolled at 11 am, about 2 hours before the start. The most memorable quote from the Cherry Hills Men’s AC pairing, “These greens are a lot faster than the Cherry Hills greens!” Cherry Hill Club’s reputation in the district is that they have the fastest greens. There were several compliments from several competitors from the various clubs that OPCC facilities and course were in top shape and they all enjoyed their day, here.

The following is Stafford CC’s report of the 2008 Travis Cup:

Congratulations to our Travis Cup team for their narrow victory at the 14th Annual Walter J. Travis Cup held at Orchard Park CC this past August.  Stafford’s team garnered 21.5 points in their matches, closely followed by the host club, Orchard Park with 20 points. Pennhills Club was third with 19 pts, Cherry Hill Club fourth with 13.5 pts, and Lookout Point fifth with 11 pts.  Our top points-getters were Stephen Goodridge, Laura Landers, Mike Spiotta/Eric Haile, Moh Charlie/Jim Owen, and Pam Korte/Carol Westcott who took all three points in their matches; Chris White won 2.5 points and Steve Percassi 2. Other Stafford team members who contributed with points and/or enthusiasm were Tom Schmidt, Kayla Bernheim/Linda Noeth, Gary Grastorf/Ralph Houseknecht, and Pat Garnish.  Shirley Homsey provided encouragement and direction as Team Captain.

This was Stafford’s 6th Travis Cup championship win.  A record!!  Way to go team!!

Next year, we’ll be defending the title on our home turf.  Our club championships in August produced the following champions for the 2009 Travis Cup:   Jim Scorse, Men’s Champion; Stephen Goodridge, Men’s Runnerup; Stephanie Lapple, Women’s Champion; Kayla Bernheim, Women’s Senior Champion; Mike Salisbury, Men’s Senior Champion; and, Jim Cook, Sr., Men’s SuperSenior Champion.  Ralph Garnish, 2009 Team Captain, has a very strong nucleus of players around which to build a team for next year.  He will also chair the Travis Cup Committee that will be responsible for organizing and conducting the 2009 Travis Cup at Stafford.  Prospects are great for a hugely successful 2009 Travis Cup.

Location: Pennhills Club, Bradford, PA
Champion: Lookout Point CC

The 2007 Walter J. Travis Cup was held on August 17th at Pennhills Club in Bradford, PA. The inter-club competition involved 16 player teams from Orchard Park CC, Cherry Hill Club of Ridgeway, Ontario, Stafford CC, Lookout Point CC of Fonthill, Ontario, and Pennhills Club.  Lookout Point CC enjoyed a resounding win with the largest margin of victory in the 13 years of the Travis Cup.  Second place was Orchard Park CC, closely followed by Pennhills Club, Stafford CC and Cherry Hill Club.  Special guests at this year’s Travis Cup were Winkie Roessler, Walter Travis’s granddaughter, and Albert W. Wright III and his wife, Jane.  Mr. Wright is the great-grand-nephew of Walter Travis and Historian at the CC of Buffalo.

Location: Lookout Point Country Club, Fonthill, Ontario
Champion: Lookout Point CC

The 12th Annual Walter J. Travis Cup was held at Lookout Point CC, in Fonthill, Ontario, on August 18th.  The event was founded with the purpose of recognizing the common heritage shared by each participating club that consists of having a golf course designed by the legendary Walter J. Travis.

The host club, Lookout Point CC defended its turf with a narrow, half-point victory over the team from Cherry Hill Club.  With 19 points, the Lookout Point team consisted of: Adam Creighton, Steve McInnis, Des Brady, John Skelton, Shannon Briggs, Susie Davis, Bob Marx, Bob Anderson, Chris Malkiewich, Doug Major, Jeanne Glavac, Carolyn Culliton, Nan Geddie, Georgia Major, Zac Henderson, and Head Professional, Gord McInnis.  Cherry Hill Club’s team included:  Tom O’Brien, James O’Connor, Bud Heussler, Don Miller, Erin Wylie, Dan Oliverio, Pat Mines, David Neal, David Gellman, Anna Brown, Barbara Slipp, Theresa Brady, Donna Rossitto, Terri Neal, Ted Reynolds, and Head Professional, Jeff Roy.

In Third Place, with 17.5 points was the Orchard Park CC team of Kirk Barton, Dave Berhard, Jim Dills, Ron Helenbrook, Donna Parker, Patty Knab Brown, Tom Grys, Dale Schaefer, Eric Paulson, Bill Burns, Pat Wasp, Sheila Drometer, Mary Pat Schrek, Ann Battaglia, Clay Sauberan, and Head Professional, Randy Shaw.

Taking fourth place with 17 points was the Pennhills Club (Bradford, PA) team with the following players:  Terry Reilly, Steve Kubiak, Art Cox, Fred Smith, Marcia Bower, Jay Pecora, Phil Pecora, Dan Brinsky, Pat Vigliotta, Kathy Taylor, Kim Borkowski, Jan Brown, Patsy Arrowsmith, Dan Gonzalez, and Bob Mellon, Head Professional.

In fifth place, with 13 points, was the Stafford Country Club team of Stephen Goodridge, Chris White, Jim Cook, Sr, Andy Solomon, Kayla Berheim, Shirley Homsey, Mohammed Charlie, Harry Sentiff, Leslie Harrower, Pat Garnish, Lois McIntosh, Lynn Muscarella, Michael Spiotta, and Eric Haile, Head Professional.

Each team in the Travis Cup was made up of the club’s reigning Men’s and Women’s Champions, the Men’s runnerup, Men’s and Women’s Senior Champions, Men’s Super-Senior Champion, Junior Champion, Men’s and Women’s players in A, B, C, & D handicap flights, and the club’s Head Professional.

Special guests at this year’s Travis Cup included Elise Anne Roesller, of Barton, Vermont, the granddaughter of Walter Travis, and CC of Buffalo member, Albert J. Wright III, the great-grand-nephew of Travis.

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